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Redesigning the Reporting area of the Preno (Property Management System) web application.

As our customer base grew we discovered ways our we could better our Reporting area to provide meaningful insights in a way that was easy to understand to our customers about their business. 

We added:


1. More granular time dimensions

2. Downloading reports to CSV

3. Added new reports

4. Updated, cleaner design

5. Scaleable design - able to handle new reports

6. Optimised for mobile and tablet

This project was huge, and dealing with displaying data- hard to get our heads around.

We broke the project up into 2 parts. First we face-lifted the UI, keeping details scarce and moving quickly from lo-fi wire-framing to more detailed digital concepts. Then we moved through all the existing reports, before making our way onto the new reports we were adding. 

This project required constant communication and collaboration between the product manager and our devs. We worked through the data, designs, and UX together to make sure the reports were easy to read and we were taking care of the jobs to be done.

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