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Scaling Reporting for Larger Hoteliers

Preno is a hotel management software provider helping hoteliers with front-of-house and back-office needs. I led design for the entire product building out areas like booking management, reporting, payments, and integrations to name a few. 

As our customer base grew to include larger scale hotels, we discovered the limits of our reporting area. I improved our reporting area to better display larger amounts of data, new reports, better controls over filtering and granularity, and increasing mobile friendliness. 


Updated Reporting


  1. Improved UI to be cleaner and brighter

  2. Added summary metrics and graphs to more pages

  3. Scrollable tables to accommodate many columns

  4. Added more granular time dimensions

  5. Enabled CSV downloading of reports 

  6. Added new reports 

  7. Optimised navigation for scaleability

  8. Optimised pages for mobile and tablet


The entire project was estimated to take a long time so we broke delivery up to be able to be able to ship value in small but frequent updates. 

First, we added the CSV export function, as that was a quick win. Then we face-lifted the existing reports, releasing one page at a time. Next we added new reports in the new UI style. And finally updated the navigation of the pages.  

This project required constant communication and collaboration between the product manager and our devs. We worked through the data, designs, and UX together to make sure the reports were easy to read and we were taking care of the jobs to be done.


  • Horizontal navigation wasn't scaleable and didn't allow for new reports to be added

    • A vertical nav would also be easier to scan and locate the report you needed

  • No ability to view reports by custom dates or time period

  • No ability to export as CSV



Summary metrics are now displayed using a carousel enabling progressive disclosure, displaying more commonly used metrics first. Added a graph to the revenue overview. 


Granular date selection filters.


Scrollable tables.


One of the new reports we added: Room Closures. Hoteliers wanted to understand which rooms how often rooms were being closed for maintenance and why as it impacts revenue.


Our reports were not previously optimised for mobiles but larger scale hotels and business hard a greater need to view reporting on-the-go.

Mobile Reports _ Revenue.png
Mobile Reports _ Occupancy.png
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